The Very Rare Black Ginny Doll

There are a few dolls produced by Vogue in the 1950's that are highly sought after by collectors today. One of them is the very rare "Black Ginny". Vogue produced these dolls in 1953 and 1954 only. The 1953 dolls were strung with elastic bands while the 1954 doll had the new walking mechanism. They were made using a brown solid tone hard plastic and were produced in very limited numbers. One story tells of the first production having blue eyes so the whole production was destroyed. The dolls typically have a black or dark brown wig and dark brown eyes. The whites of the eyes are often yellowed with age. The 1953 doll came undressed in a box marked "Unmarked Doll-Colored". The Black Ginny also came in an Hawaiian costume with it's box marked "Hawaiian". They were also marketed with little girl outfits or a frilly ballerina outfit. I have seen these dolls valued at over $2,000.00 and are truly very special dolls!!

Posted on Monday, February 19, 2007 at 12:07:13 PM in Dolls-from-the-1950s

By janie


  • That is a beautiful Ginny. Would you know where I can get information on Ginnys as per time lines. I presently have two Ginny marked Ginny Vogue Dolls Inc. with the R in the middle of a circle and below that a circle of five strange little marking that look like the outline if a cat head. I am building up my collection of Ginnys as it started with Mommy's Attic a very long time ago bought new in London, Ontario, Canada along with a one dressed as if for Valentine's Day I have information on Madame Alexanders but none can be found in our stores on Ginny Dolls. Would you please help me to identify these two which I bought on e-Bay. Thank you so much. Rita

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