Sweet Sue Doll By American Character

The ever popular Sweet Sue Doll by the American Character Doll Company came in many sizes and versions during the late 1940's to the mid 1960's. Similar to the R&B and Madame Alexander hard plastic girl dolls, these dolls had a vast, quality wardrobe (simple school girl dresses to Sunday Best to luxurious gowns). Dolls came in 15" to 30" and were all hard plastic, partially vinyl and an all vinyl doll near the end of production. The early dolls were strung and later became walkers. Dolls were usually marked on the back of the neck (Amer. Char. Doll or American Char Doll), but not on the body. Another characteristic of these dolls is a pale complexion with blush cheeks. Some of the finest and hard to find dolls are the 1957 Sweet Sue Sophisticates. Collectors pay very high prices for these mint in box dolls for they were only made for one year.

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