Sun Rubber Company Gerber Baby

The Sun Rubber Co. manufactured an all rubber Gerber Baby Doll in 1955. The doll was marked Gerber Baby/c. Gerber Products Co. on its head and Mfd. by The Sun Rubber Co., Barberton, O. USA, Pat. 2118682/Pat. 2160739 on the back.  The doll was an advertising promotion for the Gerber Baby Food Co, Fremont, Michigan. The doll was 11-13" with inset eyes and molded hair with an open/closed mouth. This very cute doll was one of the earliest in a line of Gerber Baby dolls that are still being manufactured today.

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By janie


  • Do you know where you can buy one

  • Hi,
    You might try eBay, Ruby Lane or other online sites. Also you could try local antique or doll shops, flea markets or doll shows. Good luck!

  • Hey!Every other blog I have read about Ebay Usa, has been lacking in information. Your insight into Ebay Usa is sooooo much better than anything else I have read. Thanks Megan.

  • My grandmother purchased a gerber doll that had a crying voice box in it. The doll also had the sent of powder. The only clothes I remember was a white diaper. It is late 70's eary 80's. I cannot find any history on this doll. I know it was gerber as it is marked. Anyone have any info? The voice box no longer works and I am afraid to open up the cloth body of the doll to try and fix it for fear of decreasing it's value. Any one have info?

  • The all rubber one made in 1955 came in a 20" also. I received one when I was 3 and I still have it. The mouth is open to receive liquid from a bottle, but it doesn't have an exit for the liquid to come out. It just came out through the joints in the legs which caused it to be moldy inside. It also either said mama or just a crying sound when you squeezed it. I don't remember which and it doesn't work anymore. It has sleeping eyes. I had a bathinette for it and a set for it that included a feeding bowl, utensils, bottles, and pretend cans of food. Her clothing was a bib style onesie that tied around it's neck. I don't know if my mom made this or if it came with it.

  • oops! I said 20" but it is 18".

  • Thanks so much for your comment and info. You are so lucky to still have your doll!

  • I want desperately to find anAmosandra doll in great shape's for past memory

  • I still have my Gerber baby doll that came with the feeding bowl, spoon, bib, Gerber "empty" boxes of baby food,and was dressed in a white one-piece outfit trimmed in pink that tied at the waist. What is the value of a doll like this? Anyone have any idea?jfelkel@embarqmail My doll is over 50 years old and in good condition.

  • I have a Gerber baby doll exactly like this one! I must have gotten it when I was a year old. It was a favorite. I just came across it, and the arms have holes from the rubber drying out. Do anyone know if I could have them replaced with something close to genuine parts? Where should I begin? thanks

  • i have one new in the box 13 inch the is post marked 1956 what am i offered

    did you ever find out what your doll is wotth? I have one also without the box. I would love to know her value

  • My mother just received a Gerber Baby Doll, with "Gerber 1952" stamped on the back of the neck. It is wearing a red and white gingham romper, with jeans and a shirt over it. I believe the romper is original. It is in very good, clean condition. It has eyes that move from side to side. Does anyone have any idea of what it may be worth? Thank you

  • I'm searching for a doll from 1955 or 1956. I believe she was made by the Sun Rubber Company. She has rooted redish hair, sleeping eyes, molded panties and shoes and is about 10"-12" tall. Mine burnt up in a fire. She was "my only friend" when I was beaten severely as a child. I'd love to find one that looks like her.

    God bless you and thanks for reading this post.

  • i just fround a doll at a garage sale that reads on back of her neck the sun rubber com 1956 with molded red hair and white shoes and socks annd underwear what is she worth

  • Hi, I have this very same Gerber Baby Doll pictured from the 1950's. it has a working squeaker in the back and was produced from the Sun Rubber Company. I was considering selling it, but the rubber has deteriorated on the arms and one leg. One arm is shriveled, the other arm is partly missing, and one leg has become detached at the knee due to the deteriorated rubber, but I still have the detached piece. I read an article on the internet that said that deterioration was a common problem with the doll from that time period because of the particular rubber used at that time. Otherwise it is in good condition. Is it worth selling with the missing limbs? Does it have any value at all?
    Thank you for your time, Patricia Taylor

  • I have a Gerber baby doll from the Sun Rubber Co. that has both the patent nbrs listed above on your website. It is in very good condition. However, it is dressed in a vintage hand-crocheted lined dress and bonnet with matching sateen panties. If anyone is interested, please contact my e-mail address.

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