Richwood Toys Sandra Sue Doll and Furniture

In the early 1950's 8" Sandra Sue, designed by Ida Wood, was manufactured by the Richwood Toys, Inc. of Annapolis, Maryland. She was the same height as a Ginny doll, but a totally different shape. She was a thin doll with moveable arms, legs and head. She had sleep eyes and a glued wig. This doll that came with flat feet or high-heeled feet was only marked on the limbs with a single number so she may hard to identify. She was a very pretty doll and had many outfits, although they are hard to find because they were not marked. The company also made a few furniture pieces for her which were nicely constructed. I was lucky enough to have a Sandra Sue bed for my Ginny (I loved canopy beds!). Interest is the Sandra Sue Doll as a collectible has increased recently.

Posted on Wednesday, May 2, 2007 at 04:48:50 PM in Dolls-from-the-1950s

By janie


  • I have a wardrobe that looks exactly like this one. How could I tell if it is a Richwood piece? Is there a mark on the Ginny dolls? I have dolls that look like the Ginny dolls. They need some repair as the elastic bands on the legs have broken. These dolls are from the mid-fifties. I have a Gerber doll that came with the Gerber plate, spoon, bib,and Gerber baby food boxes. How do you find out the value of these items? Any info. would be appreciated.

  • That is like the same doll bed & wardrobe I owned as a child .My Aunt took me to the factory where they made dolls in Annopolis & the furniture a nice experience since I was so crazy about the Sanda Sue dolls too bad I gave them away! How much for the furniture? PS. My Sandra Sue was larger & had a sister.

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