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The Renwal Manufacturing Co. which was located in New York, New York produced dollhouse dolls and furniture from 1945-1956. As a young girl in the early 1950's, I spent hours playing with my "bending dolls" with my friends. I never had a metal doll house but just set up the rooms of furniture on the floor! The furniture was made of very colorful plastic with many pieces having moveable parts. The style was very typical of the that period. Pieces were marked Renwal and were also numbered. There are some very hard to find pieces (sewing machine, broom, vacuum cleaner) that command some higher prices. Some pieces had decals and some were hand painted which add to their appeal. It is fun to try to outfit a dollhouse with all the rooms available. Renwal also produced the dollhouse dolls. The family consisted of Father, Mother, Brother, Sister and baby. They was also a Policeman, Doctor, Mechanic and Nurse which are very hard to find. The dolls were made of one color plastic and then painted with flesh tones. It is difficult to find a doll with no rubs to the paint as they were heavily played with. I wish that I still had my policeman, doctor and nurse. The nurse came with and without a cap. Mine had a cap which fit into a hole on the top of her head. I have since had a nurse (pictured with the baby nursery) that didn't have a hole for the cap. The dolls could sit and move their arms and legs. I think these "bending dolls" were very innovative for their time! I have not seen any of these dolls mint in box in my twenty years of doll collecting. Their value would probably be quite high.

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By janie


  • My Grandmother recently passed away and I found one of the sister dolls in it's original box- the box is a little abused but the doll looks like it was never taken out. What do you think the value of this would be. I have never heard of these dolls until I found this one, my mother would have been too young to remember these dolls.

  • Danielle, Thanks so much for your question. I would value the sister doll in excellent condition with its abused box at about $25 to maybe $40. If the box was in mint condition, it might be worth more to a collector who loves mint in box dolls. Of all the Renwal doll house dolls, "sister" was probably the most common and didn't have any variations. What a nice find!

  • is your family for sale? if so how much? seen the mechanic doll on, and the doctor on, and the nurse just sold on ebay also. loved yr story. I still have my dollhouse from 1954, a Marxie Mansion without a florida room. looking for a nice renwal family to rent my home. donna

  • I have my mom's collection of Renwal dollhouse furniture from the early 1940's. I have the entire contents including outdoor furniture, food, dishes, sewing machine, broom, bicycle, etc., and the family of dolls. I am thinking of selling it and would like advice on where to sell it and how much.

  • Shelley, I would suggest eBay as one outlet. If you have unusual pieces, they could bring higher prices that some of more common ones. Search Renwal under doll house furniture to see what prices the items are getting right now. Prices have been changing lately with the economy. Excellent condition items that are rare will always do well. Good luck!

  • I am almost 70 and I still have all of my Renwall Dollhouse furniture that I got for christmas when I was 8 years old. We just presented my 8 year old granddaughter with a beautiful dollhouse filled with all of my old furniture and people. As I was putting all of the people in their places on Christmas Eve, tears began to run down my face as I recalled the joy my dollhouse and people brought to me when I was a little girl. On Christmas day when we presented her with my childhood gem, she put her hands on her cheeks and yelled....."I LOVE IT". The tears began all over again. And best of all...they decided to leave the house here for more renovating and new additions. I am thrilled! It is in the family room where I can look at it every day and remember what wonderful memories we once shared. I would love to know if there is a Renwall Collector's Club out there. I have duplicates that I would be willing to share or trade with others.

    Hi Judy,
    You are so lucky to have all your old Renwal furniture....I had a 6 room dollhouse made of a board like material that did not survive, but I still have some of the furniture pieces. I've had them since about 1954. They are retro enough to fit into my Victorian DH.
    Aren't dollhouses wonderful? My grand daughter loves mine!
    Stephanie, Boston MA

  • I am trying to find Renwal Plastic dollhouse dolls with molded clothes, USA, Renwal, 1940-1955 for purchase. Can you help? Thanks S.J.Allen

    sandra, my name is margie , i have 5 of the dolls in good condition, and i would like to sell them. i have mom, brother, sister, baby with a little dress and booties orig. the man in blue, policeman i believe. have no idea of price,offer would be nice. the paint on these dolls is new looking. please reply , margie p.s. i also have a vacuum,crib,scale,ashtray,toilet with seat, sewing machine, with little bench, and potty chair, all for sale. thanks again margie.

  • I have the Renwal furniture from my 1940's dollhouse (which was too large to keep when I downsized). Can anyone tell me what scale dollhouse to look for if I decide to purchase one? I think I have about six rooms of furniture plus accessories but they are all packed away in my summer home and I am south for the winter. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    And is there a Renwal collector's club? What size are the dolls?
    Thank you.
    Elizabeth Prine

  • You would look for a dollhouse that used Renwal furniture pieces that were scaled 3/4". I have had a Marx tin dollhouse that was just right for my Renwal furniture. The Renwal dolls sizes were 2 1/4" for babies, approx. 4" for Mom and Dad, and approx. 3 1/2" for Brother and Sister. Good Luck!

  • My doll house was masonite, red roof, white clapboard decor, vines 3 rooms upstairs, 3 down stairs. Need to know if this 1949 house furniture was 3/4 in? And what size house can I find to put the furniture in.

  • Not sure of the dimensions of an appropriate doll house, but the furniture is definitely scaled to 3/4". Good Luck!

  • I have a father doll in box doll in very good condition box is beat up a sister doll in box doll good condition box beat up a brother doll box and doll in overall good condition and a mother doll in box both in overall good condition available for sale please contact me by email if interested thanks Avis

  • I love the photos! Had the nurse and babies in the nursery set, and all four dollhouse family dolls, plus several of the fat babies. As the oldest of four, my stuff usually didn't last past the last kid. I have found 3 of the family members but need a brother. Please contact me if you have one or know where I can find one. Just checked ebay and there are no brothers listed.

  • Hi,
    I have what I think is probably a fairly hard to find clear plastic doll house,made by Renwal. (and yes,it's full of furniture and babies!) The front has a gold banner that says Renwal Tru Scale Doll House Furniture,then an R. It is very large,24" long,11 and 1/2" across at each end side,and about 16" high at the peaks on each end.The entire back slides off sideways to play with and arrange the furniture.I cannot seem to find any websites that would give me some more info about the house..when it was made,current value,etc. Can you help? Thanks much,Cindy

  • I just read about your display case in the 2008, Renwal Dollhouse Furniture book by Charles F. Donovan Jr. On page73, he says that this was made in 1947 for the dealers of Renwal furniture. At 24 inches, it must have been the 6 room one. (There was a larger, 8 room one, made a few years later.) He said that the dollhouse furniture and people were glued in place. He values it as follows: optimal, with all original pieces still in place, $2000.00; good condition is $750.00 and average at $250.00. I hope that this helps. Kathy Gransee

  • I am looking for a Renwal refrigerator with the stencils on the outside. I already have the stove and sink and can't find a refrigerator to match...any out there?

  • Looking for a Renwal refrigerator with a door that opens and two removal shelves. Anyone out there know of one? Thanks

  • I recieved a doll house for Christmas in 1957, I think. My Father- Christmas night went around burning paper etc. in the fireplace. My family lost forever. I never knew why my Mom never purchased a new family for me.I am almost positive they came on a cardboard card. I had not taken them off of it yet. I remember the evening so vividly. I was 5 or 6.I was so upset. I have searched for many years. I have much of the furniture. I had a little sister and brother-many years younger- I believe they played with it occasionally. I think my family is similar to the one you show. Blonds however and only 1 baby. Can the family be purchased anywhere? I have searched ebay for years.

  • I love the style of these dolls. The nurse looks so worried surrounded by all of those babies and the family looks a little stern and uptight. Classic 1950s America!

  • Recently, I have been purchasing Renwal furniture on Ebay to fill in the gaps of my childhood collection of dollhouse furniture (early 50's). It has been a lot of fun! I have also been watching the doll houses there to see if I can identify my particular dollhouse that I got in the early 1950's as well...but so far I haven't seen one that is like mine. There are many houses of tin, but mine is masonite. I have seen a couple of masonite houses...but not like mine. Do you think you could help identify mine or know someone who could? It is two stories with three rooms on each level. Here are some of the unusual features of my house: there is a real painted wood staircase that emerges on the second floor through a hole in the second floor, in the dining room is a ''built-in" with open shelves above and cabinet doors below with little handles that open up, a wooden base counter and overhead cabinets surrounding the window at one end of the kitchen, there is a wood device on the base so you can rotate from the front to play (like a lazy susan concept) but here is the coolest detail...the kitchen room can pivot into the dining room (there is no room above, just an outdoor patio) and the roof (which is cardboard and has a wood chimney)can be inverted to make the overall shape a tidy rectangle for storage! When the kitchen is in the opened out position it is held in place by two little metal rods (like you find on French doors). I just love it, but would really like to find out more about it...Thank you in advance for your help! Cindy

    I'm leaving this message for Cindy: Hi, I'm sure you've already learned what your dollhouse is, but just in case:

    You have a 1940s Keystone of Boston small put-away house. I have one of these too, and absolutely love it! Wondering if you have the blue kitchen or the brown kitchen? I have blue.

    If anyone has a LARGE put-away (two fold-out rooms), and wants to make room, please let me know as I'm still searching.

    1964 Marx Rambler
    Marxie Mansion (no Florida room)
    2--Marx Contemporary Ranch with lift-off roof
    1948 Playsteel
    1948 Keystone of Boston small put-away
    1939 Keystone of Boston Georgian Colonial
    1941 Keystone of Boston (unknown, but rare)
    1986 Today's Kids Rosewood Manor
    2010 Mexican Adobe
    1980s Lundby Gothenberg
    1977 Arrow Dream House Victorian Mansion

  • Cindy,
    Thanks for your comment. I hope someone can help you find out about your doll house. I have never seen anything like it. Sounds wonderful! Hopefully someone will reply!

  • I am looking for information and possible worth of a cardboard five-room playhouse we had as kids in the late 40's or early 50's, that I still have in the basement. It's called Add-a-Room Playhouse, by the National Paper Box Co., and it has five rooms that can be removed, unfolded and set up in the closed, upside-down boxes, so that the box bottoms became the room floors. The living room is the largest and the others (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining room) are all the same size. The room walls are colorfully decorated with wallpaper designs, windows, curtains, etc., and there are doors that actually open to connect with the next r00m. The covers on the boxes show the house set up, and one or two kids playing with Renwall furniture. I once read in a reference book article about Renwall furniture (which I also still have) that Renwall was originally shown with this cardboard playhouse, but I don't recall any other information given about it. Do you or any of your readers know anything about this? I've looked on ebay and have just googled it, but haven't come up with anything. Thanks!

  • I have the recreation room from my old dollhouse. I believe it must be a Marx tin dollhouse from late 50s or early 60s since I would have been at the proper age to get this for Christmas. I want to find the other room for this dollhouse and the furniture to fill it. I need to know what the scale is for the furniture for this age house. My daughter gave me a Marx 1974 dollhouse, but the rooms seem smaller. Any advise would be appreciated.

  • The little boy baby dolls in the photo of the family are what we called "Tommys" back in the day. The looked just like these guys except they didn't have the little vests (they even have little "nipples" on their chests). We had legions of them, which we were allowed to buy on our bi-weekly trips to "town" (Bismarck, ND -- from our farm 12 miles north) at the local Woolworth store. I think they cost about $.10 each, but we could only buy one at a time, so our collection built slowly. Meanwhile, the rest were, indeed, "heavily played with". Each was enough different from his fellows that they could be assigned names, personalities and roles in the Tommy life style: digging or buried in the dirt; living in little grass huts after a lawn mowing, riding on cars, trucks or tractors. We never thought of them as "babies", though, or even as part of a family. In fact, I don't ever recall seeing, let alone buying, any of the other dolls in the "family," and I never saw any of them in a box -- they were just carefully selected on any shopping trip from a counter bin full of them, all tossed together. Besides the "heavily played with" they had a bad habit of shedding their legs and sometimes arms. I had one whole one I kept into my adulthood, but it disappeared, perhaps when my ex let his stepchildren play with it. Most of the rest of the legion have also disappeared, but my sister, going through my mom's dresser draws after her death discovered the remains of 3 of them, a stray leg, one with two legs someone has painted clothes on with nail polish, one with one leg and one with none that she sent me last week. I'm sure they're not valuable, but it will be fun to show them to my grandkids, now. I was hoping there was still a Renwal and that I could get more #8s, but it's fun to see these. Thanks!

  • Hello (Carolyn)
    I have received a cardboard dollhouse also. I know it was sent to two small swedish girls from America just a few years after the end of second world war. I have not put it together since I have no idea how, no pictures etc. I also have a lot o Renwal furniture (to the very same girls), some of them I never seen before (I am a dollhouse collector and seller, see my webshop, if you have a picture of your house, I would be very happy to see it.
    Allt the best, Ewa (

  • I have a masonite dollhouse with 6 rooms and staircase coming from 2nd floor down to 1st thru hole in floor. It has red roof and removable chimney and the house is white with white metal windows and trees painted on and window boxes painted on. I received it in 1971 or 72 I think. I have some of those plastic dolls shown in the beginning of this site. The Mom Dad Brother and Sister. I have plastic furniture and wood furniture. I wonder what this is worth and if anyone is interested in it.

  • I have finally after some research found that this is a keystone house and the plastic furniture is by renwal and so are the people.

  • Just ran across this web site while researching one of my favorite doll toys from the 50's. I have the Renwal Nursery set. It is not complete but I have three cribs in pink, (2) Irene and (1) Alice. There are also three ivory cribs (1) Peter, (1) Mary and (1) John. I have three of the rubber babies, two chairs (Ivory with red seats), a set of the baby scales and baby bath tub. I also have the bottle holder with three of the bottles. It also has a pink night stand. I remember playing with this set by the hours and was one of my very favorite things. I have never seen another set in all these years and was happy to see there are other sets still left out there for others to enjoy.

  • Carolyn,

    I have searched for the add-a-room dollhouse for YEARS after receiving a kitchen when I bought a Renwal set. If you are wanting to sell your set, please let me know! Love these!!


  • It might help if I leave my email: mcneelyhomestead at yahoo dot com.

  • I have acquired two pieces of doll furniture manufactured by Huntington Industries, detroit Michigan, Made In USA. Boxes are labeled ADDA-ROOM Doll Furniture. Does anyone have any info regarding when these may have been manufactured or if they have any value? One box holds a game table with 4 chairs. One box hold a cute little glider. All furniture is red with chrome accents and appear to be a style used in the 1950s.
    Thanks ever so much.

  • I have one of the babies! So cute - in great condition except the paint on the front has been loved off! Any idea of the value?

  • My sister and I played and played with our Renwal furniture and dolls in the 50's.
    We had a yellow sister, blue brother, pink mother, brown father, and another woman doll whom we named "raggedy aunt" because her paint was kind of scratched. I've still got a lot of the furniture and a couple of the dolls. My sister's kids ruined the other dolls.

  • I had some baby renwal dolls when I was young (1950"s). They were my favorite toy. For many years I have gone to antique stores looking for one with no luck. I was thrilled to find them on this site. Can you tell me where I could buy one?

  • acline1024 - 22 Mar, 2012 at 12:31 am

    i have a 1939 or 1945 drink and wet baby janie doll still in original hand made box, it has never been opened wondering if you might know the value? thanks, angie

  • Hi,I have alot of my mums renwal doll furniture from when she was a has alot of the rubber babies,plastic kids but I also found some dolls that have pipe-kleeners for legs..does anyone know where these dolls are from? Were they renwal?

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